Finback Pale Blue Dot 2021

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Queens // NYC

The latest iteration of Pale Blue Dot is a mixed-culture golden ale showcasing blueberries. 

Pouring a deep red hue reminiscent of pinot noir, this is truly an easy-drinking and berry-licious sour beer that's perfect for our hot weather hangs! 

6.8% ABV / 500ml 


Founded in 2011, Finback Brewery was born from a passion for brewing and experimentation. After a long search the brewery found a space in Queens in 2013. Armed with a 20 barrel brewhouse, Finback released its first beers brewed in Queens in January 2014. The brewery is proud to call Queens home and become a part of the diverse and rich culture of the borough.

The aim is to make great beer following their passion for flavor and complexity from quality ingredients and small batch artisanal brewing. Finback brew fun, unique beers made for enjoyment. They like it hoppy and complex, roasty and smoky, strong and sippable to sessionable and gulpable. Most importantly it’s something to drink with friends, in the backyard, at the beach and at the bar. Finback make beer because they like to drink it delicious and fresh and because they like to smile.