Clos des Plantes Poïèsis Chenin Blanc 2021

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Anjou / Loire Valley // France

A rare and highly sought after wine for good reason. Notes of orange cream, honey, baked pear and lemon with an extremely long finish.

Poiesis is Olivier's first cuvée, and one that has seen instant fame for its purity and concentration. 

Poiesis comes from the same Greek root as the word “poesy”. Poesy is the the art or composition of poetry while Poiesis is the activity through which a person brings something into being that did not exist before. These concepts are at the heart of Clos des Plantes.

The illustration for the label was made by Magdalena Kaczan, a Polish artist. It depicts the ideas of biodiversity, the ability to establish a human connection to the earth and stars, and the humbling feeling that comes from reflecting on nature’s complexity and the subsequent desire to preserve it.


Born in the north of France, Olivier Lejeune moved to South East Asia in 2004 to work in the mobile gaming industry. After 10 years of an intense life in an over-crowded, polluted metropolis he was ready for a change of pace. His next stop was New Zealand to learn viticulture at the University of Auckland, only to quickly unlearn it after securing a position at Felton Road, an organic and biodynamic producer in Central Otago.

Upon returning to France, he spent time working at La Ferme de la Sansorrniere with Mark Angeli. This short but fruitful collaboration convinced him that Anjou was where he wanted to settle down. After receiving a tip on some available plots in Montbenault, he jumped on the opportunity and got to work revitalizing the vineyards. A believer in regenerative farming, Olivier aims to do the minimum amount of ploughing if at all, and introduces animals into the parcels.