Chiyo Shinomine Doburoku Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu

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Origin: Nara Prefecture, Japan
Rice: Oyamanishiki
Polish: 77%
Yeast: Strain #77
Doburoku refers to one-step unfiltered sake, and until recently it was still considered illegal! Super fresh and delicious, this doburoku is thick and creamy, and bursting with flavour. Made with Oyamanishiki rice polished to 77%, this sake is brewed with yeast #77, which is known for producing a good amount of malic acid. As this is unpasteurised, please open with care and remove the gas slowly and repeatedly. Store refrigerated. After opening, please keep in fridge for a few hours to stabilise.
Chiyo Shuzo is run by Tetsuya Sakai. The Shinomine range of sake from Chiyo is named after the Shinomine mountain range not far from the brewery. Sakai-san’s focus with the Shinomine range is to craft balanced and acid-driven sake that showcases the rice type along with the ability to age gracefully. Unpasteurised, undiluted.