Amaro Santoni

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Florence // Italy

16% ABV

Amaro, the Italian word for bitter, often refers to the classic Italian bitters and sweet after dinner liqueur and digestif.

Made with 34 different botanicals; the most notable being sweet and bitter orange, rhubarb (purchased and sold by Florentine spice vendors since the Renaissance), olive leaf and iris flowers (the city's symbol). Delicate and complex, with delicate floral, zesty citrus and herbal tones followed by a bittersweet sensation.

Best served as an aperitivo or cocktail, our favorite recipe is a Santoni Spritz. Simply 2 parts Amaro Santoni, 4 parts Prosecco and garnish with an olive. Or swap out Campari for this in a Negroni.


In 1957, Gabriello Santoni realised his dream when he established the Santoni distillery in Chianciano Terme. From the very beginning, he set out to make high quality liqueurs and spirits with respect to traditional methods and quality ingredients.

By 1960, Gabriello's organic and curated approach gave birth to two products, Amaro Chianciano and Rabarbaro Santoni. These quickly became recognised as an expression of Tuscany in themselves and brought widespread acclaim to the Santoni brand.

The 1990s saw Gabriello's son, Stefano join the family business. Having grown up at the distillery and after 28 years of working there, Stefano took stewardship of the distillery in 2013.

In 2018, Stefano revisited one of his father's recipes. Collaborating with the internationally renowned bartender Simone Caporale (co-founder of Sips in Barcelona and named The World’s Best Bar and The Best Bar in Europe in 2023), they created Amaro Santoni.