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    Aslin Beer Co. is a craft brewery located in Alexandria & Herndon, VA, US offering killer beer that pushes innovation & creativity!

    Founded in 2015 by Andrew Kelley and Kai Leszkowicz, Aslin is named after thee family that connected them both through marriage; they each married a daughter from the Aslin Family. Andrew’s professional background was in finance and consulting, while Kai worked in public service. They bonded over a shared interest of craft beer and home-brewing, which eventually lead to the idea that “We can do this too.”

    Aslin makes some ultra-juicy New England-style IPAs - such as Orange Starfish and Master of Karate which are both now available - and fruit-infused sours, often rating very highly on Beer Advocate.
    11 products
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    Aslin Master of Oranges Double IPA
    Aslin Master of Karate Double IPA
    Aslin Orange Starfish New England IPA
    Aslin Mind the Hop Double IPA
    Aslin West Coast Cortes & His Men IPA
    Aslin Johann Buys a Broat Double IPA
    Aslin Trite IPA
    Aslin X Sand City No Parking New England IPA
    Aslin Berliner Weisse with Passionfruit and Mango
    Aslin Corvette Steve Sour
    Aslin Grapefruit Radler
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