Natural Sake ft Chiyo Shuzo

Natural Sake ft Chiyo Shuzo

You've heard of natural wines, but what about natural sake?

Join us for the 2nd edition of our Natural Sake series, as we introduce Chiyo Shuzo, a Nara-based brewery that produces some highly sought after sake.

Chiyo Shuzo is a small brewery founded in 1873 which moved to its present location in the southwest part of the Nara basin near the Shinomine mountain range in 1902. They produce in very small quantities which are highly sought after for the quality and limited availability.

The curret Toji (Master Brewer) Tetsuya Sakai began his career in the wine industry, working from Grace Winery for 5 years and a shorter 3 month stint in California. After marrying into the family who owned Chiyo Shuzo, his career path changed to become a sake brewer. He finally took over the role as Toji in 2004 after working for 9 years alongside the previous Toji, and subsequently also became the Kuramoto (brewery owner) in 2007.

Sakai-san is a naturally curious and experiments with different strains of rice and brewing methods. It is no wonder the brewery produces an extraordinary number of styles despite its tiny size. In 2000, Sakai-san started to create a range of sake called Shinomine, specifically to showcase regionality. Currently, they manage around 4 hectares of rice paddies which provide about 10% of their needs every year, and source the remaining rice from 26 farmers aross Nara and nearby regions.

Their sake is remarkable; we're talking good acid, robust flavours, and plenty of umami. And, potential for ageing. It is no wonder it is often used in fine dining pairings, even in non-Japanese restaurants!

Discover Chiyo Shuzo in this session. $48pp includes tasting of 4 sake and a glass of sake of your choice (120ml) to end. This session will be led by Jay Chua, founder of Fossa Provisions and Chocolates.

Tasting List
Shinomine Cho Karakuchi
Shinomine Kimoto
Shinomine Moromi Nigori
Shinomine Doburoku

Saturday 8 June 2024
Session 1: 2pm - 3pm
Session 2: 3.30pm - 4.30pm
$48pp includes tasting of 4 sake + 1 glass of Chiyo Shuzo sake of your choice (120ml)
31 Binjai Park

Reservation is highly recommended
Tickets are transferrable but not refundable


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