Terada Honke Katori 90 Junmai Muroka Nama Kimoto Genshu

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Origin: Kozaki, Chiba Prefecture
Rice: Koshihikari, Yukigesho
Yeast: Natural
ABV: 21%
Polish rate: 90%
Made with locally grown organic Koshihikari table rice, polished to only 90%. This means majority of the grain is left intact with its fats, proteins and enzymes which gives more character of the rice, and a robust tasty sake. With the traditional Kimoto method, the sake is made with the idea of showcasing what sake would have tasted like over a hundred years ago. Think liquid rice in a bottle! Bright acidity, savoury with a long dry finish. We like this slightly chilled but we think it is also really enjoyable at a higher temperature.
The leading light in natural sakes, and one of the rare natural sake breweries around, Masaru Terada is the 24th generation kuramoto of an almost 350 year old brewery. As such, he believes in making sakes that hark back to centuries past. The brewery employs kimoto and ancient bodai-moto methods, using natural yeasts that inhabit the air. It was only after marrying into Satomi Terada's family brewery that he understood the difference between commercial & craft sake. It's fair to say that he is now pushing that distinction further than most.