Yamanashi Meijo Shichiken Yamanokasumi (Sparkling) (360ml) - Temple Cellars

ORIGIN: Japan (Yamanashi Prefecture, Hakushu region)

ABV: 11.0%

RICE TYPE: Domestic

VOL: 360ml

“Mist of the Mountain”. Since the product is unfiltered and the sake is visually cloudy, Shichiken decided to choose a phrase that can be related to the “thin faze of mist in the mountains of Hakushu region”. Fruity, naturally carbonated, semi-sweet, light. Yamanokasumi is one of Shichiken’s representation of a Sparkling Sake. It follows traditional techniques and firmly holds the core personalities of a Japanese sake. Residues reside within the bottle which dances around like a thin layer of mist. This sparkling sake is secondarily fermented therefore the carbonation is all natural and gentle to the mouth. Furthermore, the aroma is pleasantly fruity like a Ginjo sake.

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