Yamanashi Meijo Shichiken Furinbizan Junmai (1.8L) - Temple Cellars

ORIGIN: Japan (Yamanashi Prefecture, Hakushu region)

ABV: 16.0%

SMV: 1


RICE TYPE: Hitogokochi, Asahi No Yume

VOL: 1800ml

The name can be translated to “refreshing wind blowing through the beautiful mountains”. Describing the soft light touch of the texture and the deep aroma of the product.

Medium aroma, fresh and semi-dry, Furinbizan is a very fresh Junmai sake. As you take your first sip, the umami of the rice beautifully spreads throughout your mouth and the delightful aroma flows out from your nose. The finishing flavor is clear, firm and semi-dry as it goes down your throat.


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