Wildflower Mixed Case of 9 - Temple Cellars

ORIGIN: Australia

VOL: 750ml x 9 bottles

Wildflower Solera (Pull #3)

Wildflower Solera (Pull #4)

Wildflower Good As Gold (Blend #3)

Wildflower Daily Bread (Batch #2)

Wildflower Gold (Blend #17)

Wildflower Gold (Blend #20)

Wildflower As It Were (Batch #2)

Wildflower Amber (Blend #19)

Wildflower Amber (Blend #20)


SOLERA PULL #3 — their third super integrated, super creamy spelt beer

SOLERA PULL #4 — Orange citrus, texture, power and acidity 

GOLD BLEND #17 — four barrel blend, notes of stone fruit, earthy funk, bright spices and citrus zest

GOLD BLEND #20 — Oak, vinous, funky, aged hops, soft spices

AMBER BLEND #19 — wood fire, roasted chocolate, caramel, hazelnut

AMBER BLEND #20 — Baked bread, chocolate cake, roasted nuts, plum and hazelnut

GOOD AS GOLD BLEND #3 — white pepper, pillowy mouthfeel, citrus orange, creamy acid

AS IT WERE — barrel-fermented mixed culture ale heavily hopped with Hallertauer Mittelfruh. Homage to the classic Saison style, simple and drinkable, not too fruity or tart. Lemon, marmalade, spices.

WILDFLOWER X Ester Restaurant & Bar DAILY BREAD — a Kvass-inspired Australian wild ale made with surplus bread from Ester’s wood fired oven. Cereal, toast, smoky undertones.

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