Wildflower x Young Henry 10 Years Young

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Origin: New South Wales, Australia
ABV: 5%
Vol: 750ml
Style: Wild Ale

A release that you may not have seen coming and as unique as it is unexpected, this collaboration ale, dubbed "10 Years Young" in honour of their anniversary, is a beer we made as a thank you to Young Henrys for their help in identifying the issues we had with our house culture back in mid-2021.

In 2012 a daring Dan McCulloch, better known as Von Brews, inoculated a 500 litre barrel of YH’s Natural Lager wort with a mixed culture they captured from the verandah of their Inner West flat. The barrel aged and aged and aged in Newtown until at last Richard Adamson remembered it and rang us to see what could be done with this piece of Australian craft beer history.

When I went to taste it in 2021 I really had no hope that it was any good, but much to my surprise, it wasn't acetic at all, just incredibly oaky and on its own not particularly palatable. So this old barrel was then blended with our freshly fermented Gold in late early 2022 as a sign of our thanks to the entire team at YH for the hours of lab work they assisted us with, always free of charge, while we were having trouble with our house culture in mid-2021. From one of the youngest to one of the oldest on the block, thank you and happy (belated) birthday.