Wildflower Hive: Post Brood #8

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Marrickville / Sydney // Australia

7% ABV

Very limited bottles. An ongoing collaboration with our friends and honey superstars Tim and Emma from Malfroy’s Gold Wild Honey.

A barrel aged golden mixed culture ale refermented with natural formed Warré hive post-brood wild comb from the Blue Mountains and Central Tablelands of NSW.  Each bottle is dipped in the same wax post-refermentation in this beer, there may be small residue still of propolis in the wax leaving black specks in the golden yellow beeswax.   

Tasting notes: “An impressively harmonious blend... there's nothing else quite like this. deep colour, piney, resin, honeycakes, sweet cedar box, forest spice on the nose. Really integrated palate, propolis & bee bread (fermented pollen) vibes, a really clear line across beer with a Gold-like lingering finish. Gorgeous, gorgeous blend.”
Wildflower was co-founded in 2016 by brothers-in-law Topher Boehm and Chris Allen. 

Made a little differently, their beers have been fermented with a diversity of yeasts and bacteria collected from flowers native to NSW... hence the name. Their practice has developed over time and so has their relationships with local regenerative growers of grain, hops and fruit, who they celebrate their agriculturally focused fermented ales with.