Wildflower Ambrosia: Amaro 2023

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Marrickville / Sydney // Australia

6.4% ABV

The third cuvee in a series of beers taking inspiration from the herbs, fruits and spices used in apéritifs and digestifs.

An amazing colour, this 2023 version was made with a barrel aged base beer brewed with gentian and wormwood in the kettle. This was married with stemmed and destemmed morello sour cherries and freshly pressed Pinot Noir skins from M&J Becker in the Hunter Valley NSW.

Tasting notes: “Lifted vinous aromas of strawberry and raspberry alongside funky oak and dark spice. High notes of plum and toasted bread add a lovely complexity. Subtle yet engaging palate. Restrained flavours that slowly grow. Red fruits initially before a structured mid palate showing oak and stemmy herbal flavours. A savoury palate amplified by the negroni like bitterness that cleans the palate.”
Wildflower was co-founded in 2016 by brothers-in-law Topher Boehm and Chris Allen. 

Made a little differently, their beers have been fermented with a diversity of yeasts and bacteria collected from flowers native to NSW... hence the name. Their practice has developed over time and so has their relationships with local regenerative growers of grain, hops and fruit, who they celebrate their agriculturally focused fermented ales with.