VIGNOBLE DES 2 LUNES Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Hengst 2011 - Temple Cellars

ORIGIN: France (Alsace)

GRAPE: Gewurztraminer

ABV: 15%

VOL: 750ml

Aromatic floral notes with hints of lychee, rose petals, honey blossom and honey, this elegant white using grapes that originates from its source (Alsace) entices with subtle sweet notes and a long dry lingering finish.

Recommended Food Pairing: Grilled pork sausages; pork knuckles; rich oily fish (salmon, tuna, sardines); pan fried fish; curries; Thai cuisine; Indian cuisine; Asian stir fry; boiled sor grilled eafood with a squeeze of citrus or lemon; soft and mild cheeses.


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