Verdant x Saint Monday ORE Hazy IPA

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Penryn / Cornwall // UK
6.0% ABV

A brand new IPA. A joyful and breezy mouthful of hop brewed with spelt in the grist for added fluff and feels, and hopped with Mosaic, Nectaron & Nelson Sauvin. Mosaic leading the charge hot and cold with the NZ superstars playing bass and drums. Its label is inspired by the Saint Piran legend, the patron saint of Cornwall and tin miners, said to be an Irish abbot exiled by the Irish kings. They tied him to a millstone and threw him off a cliff into the sea. However, evil is not so easily rewarded. The wind settled to a gentle breeze, the rough sea was becalmed and his enemies saw Piran sat upon the millstone, free of all bindings, serenely floating out to sea. He landed in Cornwall on March 5th, a day that continues to be commemorated as the Feast of St Piran. His story is fascinating and you can discover more by exploring the interactive label. 


In 2014, Verdant was started by homebrewers Adam and James teamed up with Rich to make the beers that they love.

Verdant has been leading the way in the UK over the past few years and have been become synonymous with upfront hop-forward juicy, unfiltere d hazy beer styles including Pales, IPAs and DIPAs. They’ve placed an emphasis on balance and drinkability while taking inspiration from the beers of both the East and West coasts of the United States.