That Singapore Beer Project Kiam Sng Di Buah Long Long and Sour Plum Gose 6 Pack

ORIGIN: Singapore

ABV: 4.5%

VOLUME: 330ml

Inspired by the nostalgic but now-elusive combo of a Buah Long Long juice with sour plum, let's celebrate a brand new month / our nation's birthday with a limited variant of Kiam Sng Di.

Compared to green guavas ("Pak Kia"), Buah Long Longs are way harder to juice. Small, hard, and fibrous in the middle, they bring more tartness and possess a gourd-like earthiness. Their juice bears a complexity resemblant of a peppery unripe pear. Strange? Not until you throw sour plum and some natural malt sweetness into the mix.

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