Tatsumi Absinthe


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Origin: Gifu Prefecture
VOL: 500ml
ABV: 45%

An incredible Japanese craft Absinthe. Made by Tatsumi-san by hand as a one-man operation. The Tatsumi Distillery Absinthe is made with 8 botanicals. Wormwood is the main ingredient along with anise. The Wormwood is sourced from a grower in Yamagata prefecture. The Absinthe is distilled from two different Shochu bases, Sweet Potato Shochu & Chicory Shochu. Utilising the famous Kabutogama still the Absinthe from Tatsumi-san is all handmade in very small batches of less than 500 bottles only once a year.

Sweet note from sweet potato Shochu with wormwood and anise. The palate has a milky sweetness from licorice, incredibly clean and balanced complex aftertaste.