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San Pellegrino (also S. Pellegrino) is an Italian brand of mineral water, and assorted real-fruit sodas, with carbonation added by the bottler, produced and bottled by Nestlé Waters at San Pellegrino Terme, in the Province of BergamoLombardyItaly. Outside of Italy, San Pellegrino is portrayed as a luxury and expensive bottled water, despite it being widely available. Owned by Nestlé since 1997, San Pellegrino is exported to most countries in Europe, the AmericasAus1.8tralasia and the Middle East, as well as Japan,Taiwan and Hong Kong.

S.Pellegrino has made its presence known, thanks to its lively and long-lived bubbles, which feel creamy on the palate, and a slightly salty taste, well-balanced with acidity for an overall refreshing, and thirst-quenching feel. A perfect drink for a flavorful meal, to balance a full-bodied wine or to sample on its own, its middle-size bubbles, persistent carbonation and rich minerality make it one of the most renowned mineral waters in the world. Thanks to its persistent effervescence, it brings out the best in the tastiest dishes and aromas.

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