Saison Spring Rhubarb

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Victoria // Australia

17.5% ABV

As with all Saison releases, Spring Rhubarb is simply stunning. 

Fresh and not hunkered with caramelised sugars and dense spices like others in its category, the starting point is a blush Moscato blended with raw organic rhubarb, violets, lavender and early spring magnolias. It is then bittered using Aussie grown wormwood and aged with roasted rhubarb, lilac blossoms and coriander seed.

To serve, Dave recommends keeping it simple with a refreshing spritz with tonic. Garnish with citrus or something pretty.
Made in Melbourne by chef/vermouth guy Dave Verheul of Embla fame. The idea is to take flavours of fruit, flowers and uncommon herbs and create a bright, lively take on vermouth and amaro that change with the seasons.

Saison is conceived from the idea that aperitifs can be brighter, fresher and be built on singular, seasonal, ingredient-led flavour profiles.