Rocky Ridge Peel the Burn

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Style: Milk Stout with Burnt Orange and Salted Caramel
ABV: 5.5%

PEEL THE BURN! The answer to “What to drink this weekend?”

A beer that brings the heat and keeps you coming back for more. This unique concoction has a character all its own, and it’s ready to set your taste buds ablaze. 

Pouring a cola-coloured brew with a light brown head, Peel the Burn is like a mysterious elixir, tempting you with its enticing appearance. But it’s the flavour that truly steals the show. Imagine a whirlwind of chocolate and coffee, with undertones of caramel and burnt orange, creating a symphony of taste. 

So, grab a can of Peel the Burn, and get ready to peel back the layers or flavour. Whether you’re seeking a unique companion for cosy moments in front of the fire or a brew that packs a flavour punch, this beer will keep you hooked.