Rocky Ridge Karl Requires Clarification

Rocky Ridge Karl Requires Clarification

Rocky Ridge Karl Requires Clarification

Rocky Ridge
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ORIGIN: Australia
ABV: 5.8%
VOL: 375ml
STYLE: West Coast IPA

It takes a lot of elements to create a delicious beer. All the ingredients need to work in unison to create a damn tasty beer and all play to the same tune.

It seemed fitting to bring this Pineapple Session IPA to life with the team from The Perth International Jazz Festival that showcases a symphony of ingredients all coming together much like our respective teams.

Pale and Chit Malt lay down the A Section before the hop bill consisting of Strata, Eukanot and Vic Secret comes in for the B Section. The pureed Pineapple added towards the end of fermentation comes in for the crescendo to create a prickly fruited IPA that is fit for many a jam session.

All Rocky Ridge beers are brewed at our off-grid, carbon-neutral facility in Jindong, Western Australia. Our beers are brewed naturally, the slow way, preservative-free and unpasteurised.

At Rocky Ridge, we believe in making Better Beer in a Better Way, it’s our commitment to positive change, one beer at a time.

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co. Better Beer in a Better Way. Proudly Carbon Neutral.

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