Rastal Teku Glassware Set of 6 - Temple Cellars

TeKu created the world’s best beer glass by bringing together two titans of beer making: Italy and Germany. It all started when two Italian beer experts got together and recognized traditional beer glasses let all the sweet, sweet aromatics (AKA foamy bits) escape from the top of a pint.

So they paired up with legendary German glassmakers Rastal to forge the perfect beer glass. Taking inspiration from the ISO glass used to evaluate wine, the German-Italian partnership birthed the TeKu.

Made to truly taste any beer, these glasses are a must have for any beer snob. This glass is designed to trap those aromas and aromatics so you can truly taste beer.

Plus, it just looks classy. These glasses instantly up your beer game and make decent beer taste great and amazing beer taste incredible.

Capacity 0.33L

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