Preisinger Puszta Libre 2019

Origin: Burgenland, Austria

Grapes: Zweigelt, St Laurent

Vol: 750ml

ABV: 12%

This is a crunchy, vivid, slightly wild expression of Zweigelt and St Laurent - two native red varieties that get along famously. If you are looking for a smashable, chillable, uber-cool red, for party times - Claus has you covered. Claus Preisinger is a rockstar of the natural wine movement in Burgenland. He has become known for his vibrant, energetic wines born from native varieties and organic/biodynamic vines and is leading the charge in the Austrian winemaking counter-culture. 

The retro style bottle and label is reminiscent of the vessels once used for lemonade in the 1920s. The eponymously named Puszta, which translates to “prairie” or “plains” in Hungarian, harkens back to a time when the source vineyard sites were once part of Hungary. Libre, of course, is Spanish for “free.” You are now free to drink and don’t think with the easy quaffing Puszta Libre! The wine should be “Gekhült Servieren,” or served chilled as the label indicates.

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