Patrick Sullivan Baw Baw Field White 2017

Region: Baw Baw Shire, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
Vineyard:Wild Dog
Altitude: 200m, Charonnay Pinot Gris, 350Meters Gewertz. Soil: Tertiary period Volcanics (red well structured earth) Viticulture: Organic
Vine Age: 40 years
Varieites: Chardonnnay, Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer

Notes: Fresh White

Chardonnay component: 50% of blend. Picked from a very low yielding south facing slope. Fermented and Aged in a ceramic egg. These eggs are made in the style of the schauberger cosmic egg.

Pinot Gris Component: picked from small holding on both the north and south facing sides of the vineyard: Barrel fermented in old hogs heads.

Gewürztraminer: Picked on a super muggy day from our Neerim South Vineyard. Barrel fermented in old French Hogs Heads.

Tasting note:
Fresh as a new spring morning. Intense palate weight and bright peach and pineapple. The aroma seems to dance whilst in your mouth rather than punching out as the glass passes your nose. This wine will age well though I’m sure it wont last. Certainly very Moorish.

Inspired by nature and the countryside of his native Australia, Patrick Sullivan works together with his wife Megan to produce authentic wines that reflect the terroir. Making their living on a farm in the Strezleki ranges in Gippsland, Sullivan is synonymous in the natural wine movement, although he prefers not to go by this tag, believing that the wine he makes is, put simply, the wine that he wants to make. Having travelled in Europe and then later studying viticulture, he is decisive in how he wants his wine to be: all about the fruit. He currently doesn’t grow his own grapes, but works with a number of small and trusted growers, who produce organic and biodynamic fruit. His goal is to eventually grow his own 100% organic and biodynamic grapes, and of course to continue his natural non-intervention approach to vinification.

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