Orientalist Dragon Whisky - Temple Cellars

ORIGIN: Singapore brand

ABV: 43% (86 proof)

VINTAGE: Non-Vintaged

AGED: 8 Years

VOL: 700ml

The Orientalist Dragon Whisky is the first all-Asian blended whisky in the world, from the three acclaimed whisky regions in Asia — Japan, Taiwan and India — each carefully selected and blended for their unique attributes and double wood matured in bourbon and sherry wood.

Produced in northern Taiwan with its strong influences from Spanish rule in the 17th century, the humid sub-tropical climate accelerates the barrel aging of spirits.  The Orientalist Dragon Whisky has a deep amber colour, having taken up some dark flavours and nuttiness from the aging process, which also manifests in the taste of figs, dried fruits and spice.  It has a touch of smokiness and the Oloroso maturation gives it a touch more smoothness than most other whiskies.

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