One Drop x Garage Project Home Land & Sea DIPA

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Botany / New South Wales // Australia
8.2% ABV

One Drop made a trip home to Aotearoa to brew a very special collaboration with Garage Project. It’s a celebration of land and sea, using Canterbury malts, oats and wheat and a massive ‘clean fusion’ addition of one of their favourite hops from across New Zealand, all finished with a touch of the Marlborough sea salt.

Tropical fruit, passionfruit, lime citrus and dank diesel meld perfectly with subtle salt and extra smooth mouthfeel. It’s home time.

Here's what One Drop have to say about their Clean Confusion method:

"the complete removal of yeast and other particulate after primary fermentation is complete, but before the addition of a large dry-hop load to the beer. This dry-hopped beer is then separated again to remove harsh and undesirable hop material and particulate. 

We've found this allows a clean, full, true-to-type expression of the hops used, along with a reduction - if not eradication - of the issues plaguing modern IPA brewers: hop creep, hop burn and loss of delicate and nuanced hop flavours and aromas.

In short - Clean Fusion = the fusion of hops + clean beer."