Muri The Sound

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Citrus - Stone Fruits - Bitter

A still, fermented blend of high complexity, named after the strip of ocean that separates Copenhagen from Sweden. Sitting somewhere between a dry vermouth and bitter aperitivo, this drink has a truly unique flavor profile designed to be savored slowly.

The base is made from apricots which have been roasted to caramel brown, toasted hay, and salted magnolia flowers. It is given extra tannin from Yunnan tea, marigold and pine sap. This base is then fermented in multiple ways, using Pichia Kluyveri yeast and kefir grains, to recreate the types of acidity one finds in natural wines. The blend is finished with a maceration of citrus skins and kaffir lime leaf, giving it a floral, bright and bitter finish.

Pairing Notes: Pair with roast chicken, mussels and shellfish. Drinks beautifully on its own as an aperitif with some salty snacks and charcuterie, or as an alternative to orange wines.