Momento Mori Etcetera Etcetera 2017 - Temple Cellars

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Yarra Valley (Victoria, Australia)

GRAPE VARIETAL: Red White Field Blend 

ABV: 10.5%

VOLUME: 750ml

This wine was the result of starting a ferment after our very first 2017 pick. Then subsequently every variety that we picked thereafter we added small amounts of the best fruit to the ferment to keep it going throughout the harvest. It ended up having a multitude of different varieties co-fermented.

Approximately 50% Red and 50% White. It also ended up being the longest ferment of 2017 yet was the first to end up looking ‘complete’ and ready to go. The wine drinks something like a Ploussard or a savoury, and fresh Rose. At a fraction over 10% alcohol it is super complex, fresh and structured with a purity about it that is the essence of what I strive for in a wine. I only wish I’d made more of it ... This won’t last long at all.

Recommended Food Pairing: Spicy pork burger; Asian stir fries; mild curries; tomato-based pasta; spiced sausages; meat stews; cheese fondue; salad with goat cheese.

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