Mimurosugi Dio Abita

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Nara Prefecture / Japan
Polish 60%
SMV +3, Acidity: +1.3

"Dio Abita" is Italian meaning "where God dwells". Mimurosugi Sake is brewed in Miwa, Nara, known as the divine birth-place & genesis of Sake.

This low alcohol sake at 13% is juicy & refreshing with a clean and crisp acidity, and some lactic notes much like yogurt, immensely sessionable.

A versatile favourite among sake lovers, Mimurosugi Dio Abita Muroka Genshu is a masterfully crafted Junmai Ginjo style sake. The rice, polished to 60% of its original size, is brewed to discard impurities for a powerful taste. This undiluted Genshu sake further strengthens the sake's pure alcohol element. True to Muroka principle, the natural sweet and citrusy flavours, flourished with scents of muscat, green apple and strawberry, are preserved through non-filtered charcoal. This perfect blend of traditional Junmai Ginjo brewing, Genshu, and Muroka methods creates Mimurosugi Dio Abita Muroka Genshu, a pure, rich sake that reflects the brewer's skill.

Enjoy in a white wine glass or universal glass at 11-16 degrees c.