Maison Gelas Bas Armagnac, 25ans d'age - Temple Cellars

Country: France
Region: Armagnac
Sub-Region: Bas-Armagnac
Grape Varietal: Ugni Blanc
Type: Armagnac

Appearance: A golden hue with orange highlights.

Nose: the nose is marked mainly by zest of orange, wooded vanilla and hints of smoke. An extremely subtle nose. In the mouth, the attack is lively and complex. Quite marked notes of spices with liquorice as well. The finish is marked by wood and cooked plums. After opening, the bottom of the glass is deep with hints of toasted bread, liquorice and prunes.

Ugni-blanc is the very best variety for distillation. It gives acidic wines with a low degree of alcohol, which, after distillation, produce fine, good quality eaux-de-vie. This variety is well adapted both to Bas-Armagnac and to Armagnac-Tenareze. It is the most widely use variety in the Armagnac appellation.

Family traces go way back to 1246, in the form of the King’s Musketeer, D’Artagnan (born Charles de Batz), but it was really not until around the middle of the 19th century that the Gelas family linked its own destiny to that of Armagnac. In 1865, Guillaume Gelas, a respected barrel maker, bequeathed his business to his son Baptiste, who in turn created the Maison Gelas. He duly moved into the premises currently occupied by the firm,and embarked on the business of making and selling Armagnacs. In 1910, his son Louis took on the management of the company and acquired a property planted with Manciet vines, the Chateau de Martet (Martet Castle) which is still in the family fold. Louis was a public figure, and held various offices both in his native town, and at departmental level. After the Second World War, Pierre followed in his father’s footsteps, and lent the family firm an international dimension. In 1950, he was the first Gers businessman to develop a commerce in wines and various spirits. He revolutionized his times by offering on an exclusive basis Armagnacs hailing from the terroirs or local regions of Bas Armagnac and La Tenareze, at their natural degree of ageing, without reduction. This unique selection of proprietors lends the resulting product a fine reputation at the grandest of tables, be it in France or abroad. Today, Pierre’s son Philippe, representing the fourth generation of the Gelas family to take the reins, has been running the firm since late 2001. He is carrying on in the innovative spirit of his forebears by introducing single varietal Armagnacs, thus asserting the differentness of the Maison Gelas: an alternative Armagnac…

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