London Essence Ginger Ale

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Origin: UK
Vol: 200ml

A precise balance of steeped ginger root with background notes of distilled aniseed essence. We suggest pairing this with a variety of blended whiskies or, for a contemporary take, try it with a cognac. London Essence's exceptional ginger ale has been blended to showcase premium dark spirits to their best advantage. By steeping ginger root and blending it with ginger oil, we are able to create a base with a delicately spiced character. We moderate sweetness by using just a dusting of sugar. The addition of delicate liquorice notes from the distilled aniseed essence complement to create a wonderfully rounded mixer.

Gentle ginger, with a touch of aniseed and honey. A gentle liquorice taste from the aniseed, a lemon fennel top note, with a subtle spice of ginger to create a rounded flavour.