Lion City Chrysanthemum Mead (Liang Teh Series 1 of 4) 6 Pack - Temple Cellars

ORIGIN: Singapore

ABV: 7%

VOL: 330ml

Our very first seasonal mead is greatly inspired by how asian grandmothers brew chrysanthemum tea. They would boil large quantities of dried chrysanthemum blooms in water to extract the full flavour of the flowers, and then sweeten the flower tea while still boiling, with rock sugar.


We have adopted that same approach with this very special mead. High grade dried chrysanthemum flowers that were specifically graded for use in tea were sourced for this seasonal. We steeped and boiled the chrysanthemums in water, substituted rock sugar with our proprietary blend of honey and fermented the mixture into mead.


What we have is a clear golden-hued mead with a richly textured chrysanthemum profile. Sweet with a slight bitter and dry finish that is unmistakably nostalgic for folks that grew up drinking homemade chrysanthemum tea. 


Finished uncarbonated and at 7% ABV, this mead is perfect for all day drinking. Best served chilled in a glass without ice.


As with all our seasonal meads, this mead is a one-off brew in limited quantity and only available while stocks last.

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