Les Sabots D'Helene Vin de Table Liberterre 2015 - Temple Cellars

ORIGIN: France

GRAPE VARIETAL: Carignan, Grenache

Red, fruity and vibrant. 1-month maceration and 11-month aging in cement tank. Powerful and rounded. Typical grenache with fruit and softer tannins. 

Alban Michel, along with his partner and muse, Helene, started Les Sabots D'Helene in 2005 in the small village of Feuilla near Fitou. Aside from Alban, there is only one other vigneron in the village. On his estate, Michel had the chance to recover very beautiful Syrah vines of about 30 years, and vineyards of Carignan and Grenache which are between 50-100 years old. The vines are farmed organically and biodynamically. No SO2.  A bit anarchist and libertarian, Michel puts all his wines in "table wine (with 4 chairs)" to keep his freedom of action and refuses the A.O.C.

Recommended Food Pairing: Stewed or braised beef, veal, pork or chicken; black pepper steaks; cured and smoked meats; Indian and Asian curries; Asian stir fry meats; vegetable curries.

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