Kamonishiki Nifudasake Junmai Daiginjo Geppaku Ver.8

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Origin: Niigata Prefecture, Japan
Rice: Yamadanishiki
Polish: 40%
SMV: +6, Acidity: 1.5
Water: Spring water from an underground aquifer in the Kamogawa River region
Yeast: Kyokai

Dry and clean, with notes of white peach and rice flour. Geppaku (月白) - the bluish tint against a white canvas is the depiction selected by Owner/Brewer Tanaka-san for the only karakuchi (dry) sake within his nifuda (cargo tag) series. Yamadanishiki rice is polished down to 40% and is presented with restrained opulence.

We recommend serving this in a white wine glass / Gabriel glass, at about 11-16 deg c. Great with seafood.

Kamonishiki sake is so approachable that it can convert any inexperienced sake drinker, any dabbler, into a big fan of the rice brew. The Nifudasake series adorns a fun new style of label design featuring a cargo tag stamped with the name of each type making it easily recognizable. Each tag features the tank number from which the brew was bottled. Each season, the brewery releases a new version of the Nifudasake, and styles can vary from juicy to crisp and dry but they always maintain a fresh quality at a lower alcohol content for easy drinking.