Jukes 8 The Sparkling Rosé (375ml Bottle)

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Origin: UK
ABV: 0%

Jukes 8 will bring a little slice of Provence into your lives and lift your mood with its scintillating flavours. This is Matthew Jukes’ take on a modern rosé, with a nod to the hallmarks and historical triggers of some of his favourite Provençal wines. This rosé wine alternative evokes the flavours of the wild Provençal countryside and the Mediterranean coastline through a delicate layering of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. This comes in a ready-to-drink 375ml bottle format. Simply chill and enjoy in a wine glass.

Jukes is founded by Matthew Jukes. a world-famous wine-taster and writer and has worked in the wine trade for more than 30 years. He set out to create a new kind of drink – one that “does everything that wine does on the nose, palate and finish but without any grapes or alcohol”. The result is a range of alcohol free cordials, which use organic apple cider vinegar as a base. Served chilled in a wine glasses.