Emishiki Intense 612

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Origin: Shiga Prefecture, Japan
Rice: Wataribune
SMV and Acidity: Unpublished
Yeast: 612

If you like peaches this might be for you! Notes of Yamanashi white peaches and lychee come through in this progressive and modern sake. Great with tempura and teppanyaki dishes.

Emishiki roughly translates as the “Laughter of the Four Seasons” & the lively camaraderie among Owner/Toji ,Takeshima-san & the brewery personnel is vividly captured in the 笑四 range of sakes. With just 3 full-time employees, the focus of Emishiki is on re-discovering the romance of Sake Brewing, adopting only the ancient Kimoto method alongside the laborious Funa-Shibori (non-mechanical) pressing method. All rice used across the Emishiki range of sakes are cultivated in Shiga Prefecture, also highly renowned its beautifully marbled & highly prized Omi Wagyu. Using a range of yeast strains, which include kyokai (association), hana kobo isolated from flowers & proprietary strains isolated by the Toji, an eclectic range of aromas & flavour profiles present themselves, albeit playfully in this modern line-up.