Domaine Gayda La Minuette Rose IGP Pays D’OC 2015

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: France (Brugairolles, South of France)

GRAPE VARIETAL:Mourvèdre – Sauvignon Gris




The low-key estate emblem shaped like a Languedoc cross mirrors the authenticity and faithfulness to style in this range of varietal wines made from Viognier, Chardonnay, Grenache and Syrah. An exception to this collection of single varietals is La Minuette, a blended rosé named after a rose created in 1982 by Tim Ford in Kenya. The soft pink tones and floral bouquet of the Minuette variety of rose are encapsulated in this tribute label. A nod to both the past and the future, La Minuette exemplifies estate values, where wines are rooted in tradition and made in the spirit of today.

Taste Profile: The pale coral pink hues support the fruity and floral nose with hints of strawberries, rose petals and violets. Yet, the palate is full of red plums, cherries and dried herbs making this wine a rounder and fuller bodied wine than most other rosé.

Recommended Food Pairing: Mediterranean food (grilled lamb with pita and black olive tapenade); hummus; melon and proscuitto; anchovies canapes; pizza; sandwiches and wraps; quiche; grilled salmon; fried fish; hamburgers; grilled sausages; grilled chicken; Thai cuisine; Indian cuisine; Mexican cuisine.


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