Domaine des Grottes PiketNat 2020 (Piquette)

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Origin: Beaujolais, France
Grapes: Gamay

In the early 2000s Romain des Grottes exchanged his native Paris for the Beaujolais to help manage his aging grandfather's estate & farm, Chateau de Lacarelle. Although it was supposed to be a management job in the office, well-suited to his business degree, he eventually took over a few rows of vines and one thing led to another. Soon he was fully engaged in farming, the vineyards, and working in the cellar. His rustic/raw style wines are idiosyncratic and defy any typical wine comparisons. Low in alcohol, focused on freshness, electric acidity, and buoyant fruit character. 

PiketNat is Romain's piquette of Gamay. Winemaking "waste," aka skins, stems, pulp, etc., is refermented with water and extra must from the previous vintage. A 5% ABV thirst-quencher.