De Garde Spruce Desay

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Origin: US
ABV: 8%

A sour and fruity farmhouse inspired beer fermented and aged in oak wine barrels blended with two year old earthy and rustic farmhouse beer barrels. Conditioned on Spruce tips after blending

Located on the Oregon Coast, de Garde Brewing is dedicated to unique offerings. Our craft draws on historic traditions and local experimentation. But wait... what does that mean? First off, we do not add laboratory cultured yeast to ferment our beer. We simply cool the wort naturally in a coolship. Amazing yeast & microflora are all around us! That's why we're in Tillamook!

After the wort cools, we transfer everything to oak barrels (some big, some small, some medium). Each beer takes it's own time in barrels to finish fermenting.

Most of our beers take anywhere from 6 months to 5+ years in barrels before we package them.

Every bottle is naturally conditioned and ready to be enjoyed when we release it. Although the beer can age, please note the fruit and hop additions will dissipate with extended time.