Cyprien Lireux L'Herbage 2022

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Origin: Normandy, France
Blend: Two-thirds sweet/bittersweet (Boudin, Douce Moen, Douce Coelinier), one-third tart (Petit Jeanne and René Martin), and a bit of bitter (Frequin Rouge and Marie Menard)

A true rustic cider! Pairs well with Camembert cheese, as a snack or on its own because you don't need a reason to enjoy this lovely cider.

L’Herbage is the name of the family plot, where Cyprien fell in love with apples as a boy - a micro/single orchard selection. The apple varieties were grafted and selected by Cyprien’s grandfather and great-grandfather for their hardiness and flavor. The trees are planted in the traditional ‘haute-tige’ way (before mechanization) - low planting density and low yields. The trees often extend their roots deeper, retaining water better, with more space for other fauna and flora in between trees that balances the ecosystems, leading to lower level of disease, low stress and with longer lifespans.

At 24 years old, the business school graduate Cyprien Lireux senses a deep feeling of missing out on something in his life. His obsession in mind: to return to what has fascinated him and driven him since childhood, working with the land in his hometown, Normandy, France. Etienne Fournet, the cellar master of Domaine des Cinq Autels, turns Cyprien's dream into a reality while passing on his passion to him. It will be cider – something Cyprien had already experimented with alongside his father and grandfather – and it feels like the obvious choice. His closeness to nature, the terroir, and tradition shape his work with a philosophical approach.