Coal Harbour Sunrise Gose - Temple Cellars

ORIGIN: Canada

ABV: 3.80%

VOL: 355ml

Taking a Summer Sessions approach to the style this Gose is a low 3.8% alcohol and has a bit more sour to it than many similarly categorized beers. The Sunrise Gose pours a colour of gold. The aroma is citrusy with notes of lemon, orange and grapefruit with a light coriander spice. A strong acidity kicks in with the first sip with the citrus and coriander notes up front but these settle quickly leaving a light bodied, wheat tone to linger behind. The sour notes are short but come on with fury and leave a subdued, lingering sourness. The salt content is also quite mild but as the sour notes leave the front of the tongue can feel a tingle of saltiness. This gose makes for a sessionable and refreshing summer beer.

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