Cirka Gin375

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ORIGIN: Canada
ABV: 40%
VOL: 500ml

To Celebrate Montreal's 375th anniversary, GIN375 is an homage to the vibrant city.

Putting a fresh spin on the Old Tom style of gin, GIN375 is made from botanicals sources from all over Quebec.

Fresh cranberry and sour cherry from the Eastern Townships and wild rose petals from the Gaspe region give it its lovely amber colour. Organic spring honey from the Laurentians delicately sweeten it and wild mint, larch and spruce create a spicy, warm finish.

A beautiful sipping gin that is one of a kind.

Nose: Fresh and floral. Delicate, elegant and mildly sweet with aromatic honey notes.
Palate: Balanced with fruity and floral notes. Spring honey complements forestier botanicals. Delicate mint undertones create a spicy, warm finish.