Celine & Laurent Tripoz Cremant de Bourgogne Nature NV - Temple Cellars

ORIGIN: France (Maconnais, Bourgogne)

GRAPE: Chardonnay


VOL: 750ml

Using only 100% Chardonnay grapes, this light gold colour Cremant with aromas of yellow apples, nougat, olive oil, honeyed biscuits, with some sea salt and white flowers excites the palate with fresh and lively notes of yellow apples and pears topped in sea salt, brine, minerals, dough, rich yellow flowers.

The first natural ferment is done in tank (with full malo), the second was done using a Demeter-approved biodynamic yeast (from Champagne Fleury). No filtration (other than disgorgement), no fining, no sulphur added. Super-crunchy with delightful nervous energy.

Recommended Food Pairing: Roast chicken and turkey; poached or steamed fish; boiled and steamed shellfish; summer greens and salads; fruit salads and strawberries; light cheeses; pudding and fruit cakes.


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