Beerfarm Asam Boi Gose - Temple Cellars

ORIGN: Australia (Collab with Singapore)

ABV: 4.50%

VOL: 375ml

Now available in cans! True collaborations take the very best of those involved to create something very special. Looking for a true taste of Asia, friends and collaborators at Smith Street Taps in Singapore suggested the unique sweet and salty character of Asam boi or salted plums to mix with their kettle-soured Berlinner Weiss. The resulting beer is a true taste of Asia in an Australian made beer. A redolent deep orange with a dense rocky head, sweet complex aroma and an evocative and intriguing sugary, sweet, salty, fruity and sour palate. Perfect for a humid Singapore afternoon.


Between different batches of Asam Boi Gose there’ll slight differences in flavour profiles. This is from different sugar and acidity levels in the plums used. But it will always have the sweet, sour and salty character you love!

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