Ancre Hill Orange Wine 2021

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Origin: Wales, UK
Grapes: Predominantly Albariño

 100% whole bunch maceration for between 30 – 50 days. Fermentation finished in oak and stainless steel for ageing on gross lees for a minimum of 10 months. Natural malolactic fermentation, no filtration, no fining, no SO2 additions. A guzzler!

Ancre Hill Estates is located in the beautiful Welsh county of Monmouthshire. The 12 hectares of Ancre Hill Estates vineyards are perfectly positioned for optimum sunshine on south facing slopes close to the border town of Monmouth and the Wye Valley (AONB).

The Estates' ethos is to deliver wines of the highest quality, utilising traditional Biodynamic and Organic Viticultural practices to produce the best possible fruits from carefully sourced and selected Varieties with excellent heritage. Great wine is made in the vineyard and work done in the Winery may only realise the potential at Harvest not increase it. The wines produced at Ancre Hill express the Terroir of ancient mudstone and sandstone soils, giving the wines their character and natural flavours, with no external intervention or manipulation in the winemaking process.