Alpha Box & Dice Rebel Rebel 2018 - Temple Cellars

ORIGIN: Australia (South Australia)

GRAPE VARIETAL: Montepulciano

ABV: 11.5%

VOLUME: 750ml

We all associate with the rebels; there is a little rebel hidden away inside us all, even if it often doesn’t get to see the light of day. When everyone is talking, the rebel stays quiet; when everyone is silent, the rebel makes the noise – rebels are ace. 

Made with that sexy little grape that hangs out in all the cool places in Tuscany. Originally hailing from Abruzzo, Montepulciano came waltzing into another wine region and caused all sorts of trouble, wooing the local men and women, making all the other varieties of Tuscany jealous with its maddeningly cool and suave ways. It’s a rebel here in Australia also, it shifts your perceptions of what wine should drink like. It’s edgy, sexy, delicious drinking; all bright crunchy fruits, detail, structure and line. Just perfect for those who want to give that rebellious streak a little airtime.

LOOKS LIKE… Burnouts

FEELS LIKE… A kiss with a fist

SOUNDS LIKE… Kavinsky & Lovefoxx – Nightcall

SMELLS LIKE… Red cherries and banana skins

TASTES LIKE… Raspberry, red currants, Springtime

Recommended Food Pairing: BBQ; steamed or roasted poultry; poached fish; fresh salad greens; mild cheese.

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