Akasha X Behemoth Don't Drink After Midnight

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Origin: New South Wales, Australia
ABV: 6.5%
Style: Tropical IPA

Experience a dynamite double-bill dripping with pulpy tropical flavours and distinct trans-Tasman style, as Akasha and New Zealand’s Behemoth direct an all-star cast of Australian and Aotearoan hops in the season’s biggest blockbuster. Dare you drink after midnight?

“We wanted to try some new things in terms of technique and product,” says Bowen “The beer is crafted with a yeast strain from a new supplier that we haven't used before, Mogwai Labs from Wollongong. We added hops in the mash to try and release more aromatic thiols, to be bio-transformed by the yeast during fermentation. It smells amazing at the moment – like walking into a tropical fruit market – so I think it has paid off.”

Both Childs and Bowen see the beer appealing to hop lovers on either side of the Tasman. “Akasha are favoured for West Coast IPAs and I think people who love hoppy beers with a bit of hoppy fruit character to it will eat it up," says Childs. “I think it can speak to West and East Coast devotees,” says Bowen. “Especially for the hop gremlins and people who love getting their nose into their glass.”

Plush, lush, pineappley and citrussy and pumped with hop goodness: what a beautiful beer to curl up on the couch with to watch some stone cold cinematic classics as the rain pelts down outside your window.