Boon Framboise - Temple Cellars

Raspberry lambic was previously a rarity, only produced for a few weeks in the summer. Frank Boon’s Brewery was the first, in the summer of 1976, to revive raspberry lambic preparation. More than 300 grams of fresh raspberries in each litre of lambic give Framboise BOON its fresh, fruity flavour. The young lambic supports the flavour from the raspberries, but it is the latter which dominate, not the lambic. It is the real raspberries which provide the rich flavour. The rosé fruit beer Framboise BOON has an alcohol volume of 5% The 1986 Vintage of Framboise BOON was awarded the “best beer of the year” prize by the “Malt Advocate” US trade journal in 1995!

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