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Pierde Almas +9 Botanicals is the result of the merging of two great rivers in distilling history: Mezcal & Gin. This amazing New World Gin was created by Jonathan Barbieri, who started experimenting with this conceptual hybrid early in 2011. The botanical ingredients were first smuggled into Mexico from NY in the checked luggage of family and friends who were returning to Oaxaca from the big apple. Later on these same botanicals were sourced locally in Mexico.

Pierde Almas +9 Botanicals is made from our already world-class Espadín Mezcal and is then rectified with the nine classic botanicals of Gin. It is truly a fusionary first. As a fine sipping gin, Pierde Almas +9 Botanicals unfolds layer by subtle layer across the palate. Instead of the juniper standing out front in the role of lonely soloist, it truly blends with a complex chorus of spices redolent of the orient and Mediterranean Europe. Meanwhile, every note is underscored by the unmistakable earthly flavor of mezcal.

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