Pili Pushers Cinnamon & Raw Honey Pili Nuts 45g

ORIGIN: Philippines

Deliciously creamy and naturally umami. Pili nuts are the new macademia. This ancient superfood has 869% more Vitamin E than almonds, the most magnesium and lowest carbohydrates of any nut. Balanced combination of cinnamon and raw honey is reminiscent of cinnamon rolls, but healthier and not jarringly sweet.

This Great Taste Award winner is the perfect keto and vegan snack for any time of day! Also great with salad, muesli, cured meats, cheese and wine.

Pili Pushers’ nutrient-rich pili nuts are hand-harvested from wild pili trees grown on volcanic soil. To enhance and preserve their vitamins and living enzymes, they are pre-sprouted then de-hydrated.

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